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Miracle made in 12 days for a baby
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The little Russian boy, 13 months old, suffered from cerebral palsy after 2 months of birth. Although receiving 8-month treatment, he still couldn't turn over, stretch hands, raise head, sit up and stand up.

Attracted by the reputation of Sun-good TCM Hospital, his family came to Dalian. With the treatment of acupuncture and massage by Doctor Yi Shuying, this baby could not only raise his head and stretch his hands but stand up. His mother was so excited and said" How magical Chinese medicine is!"

Specialist Introduction

Yi Shuying

按摩针灸12 天,脑瘫患儿见奇效

    这位来自为俄罗斯13个月大的小男孩是位脑瘫的病儿。出生二个月就被确诊脑瘫的,在俄罗斯治疗了8个月,仍不能翻身,小手不能伸开,脖子不能抬起,不能坐起,不能站立。可来到神谷中医才12 天,在儿科衣淑英主任的按摩针灸治疗下,不仅挺直了脖子,伸开了紧握的双手,而且还能站立起来。他的妈妈兴奋无比,感叹中医按摩针灸的神奇。





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