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The etiology of rheumatoid arthritis
Addtime:2014-06-28 10:25:09 Hit:3581
1. Bacterial factors: According to the research, that Streptococcus and bacteria have peptidoglycan in team A can be a lasting etiology of the incidence of RA. In team A, that streptococcus exists in the body for a long time becomes persistent antigen, stimulate the body to produce antibodies and... Read more>>
Obtaining another life happily
Addtime:2014-06-28 10:24:05 Hit:1938
75-year-old old woman Li had bone tuberculosis for about 40 years. It has been 37 years since she had surgical treatment. Soon after the operation, she got thoracolumbar rotational deformity and it got progressively worse. Finally, it caused her severe functional limitation and could not take car... Read more>>
Chinese tradition medicine type comprehensive treatment of depression
Addtime:2014-06-28 10:22:46 Hit:1863
Chinese tradition medicine type comprehensive treatment of depression or anxiety disorder     With the development of society and accelerated pace of life, the incidence of depression of is increasing. Survey data provided by the World Health Organization (1996) showed that the de... Read more>>
There’s Hope in Treating Anaphylatic Purpura Nephritis
Addtime:2014-06-28 10:21:04 Hit:1864
Anaphylatic purpura nephritis is a kind of damage caused by allergic purpura. It’s an incurable disease. The causes of the disease can be allergic reaction caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites and other infections; or some drugs, food allergy; or caused by pollen, insect bites, cold stimul... Read more>>
Difficult cases
Addtime:2014-06-28 10:19:26 Hit:1821
Case I: Hao Mou, male, 37 years old, Dalian University of Foreign Workers. In the middle of last year due to sudden tinnitus, he came to the Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical for treatment. All the checks are normal. He was admitted to the hospital by tinnitus but it didn’t improve for abou... Read more>>
What is retinitis pigmentosa?
Addtime:2014-06-28 10:14:02 Hit:1827
What is retinitis pigmentosa? Retinitis pigmentosa is a genetic disease which is caused by cone and malnutrition of cone cells. It’s characterized by night blindness, constriction of visual field, hyperpigmentation of fundus bone cells and dysfunction of photoreceptor and is a kind of c... Read more>>
Prevention and Treatment Guidelines of Chronic prostatitis
Addtime:2014-06-28 10:09:56 Hit:1875
With the improvement of living standards and people’s increasing attention on health, chronic prostatitis appears more frequently and receives much more importance in our life. According to statistics, 30%-40% males suffer from chronic prostatitis. As the name suggests, this chronic inflammatio... Read more>>
How Acupuncture-Knife relieve the pain
Addtime:2014-05-25 11:55:49 Hit:1902
Dr. Gai Yingyao will show you the answer Andrey, who is the member of Russian State Duma, has been suffering from injury of right rotator cuff many years. In order to relieve the pain, he had traveled to many countries such as Germany and Switzerland for rehabilitation. Unfortunately... Read more>>
Addtime:2014-06-28 10:06:22 Hit:1840
Andre, a Russian State Duma member, has been suffering from right shoulder injury for many years. After receiving treatment in Germany and Swiss, he still couldn't put right hand over head. Despite of tight  schudule in china, Mr. Andre still took his time to visit Sun-good TCM Hospital and ... Read more>>
Gynecopathy Treatment by Acupuncture&Chinese Herbal Medicine
Addtime:2014-06-28 10:00:23 Hit:1829
With the development of society and high technology, it is much easier for women to get gynecopathy. More and more women suffer from gynecological diseases,such as cyclomastopathy, uterine fibroid and dysmenorrhea, which brings great bad influence to their work, life and health. &nb... Read more>>
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