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The Introduction of Sugar Cane
Addtime:2018-01-02 16:26:00 Hit:599
There is a saying in China, the supplement effects of eating sugar cane in winter is equal to that of eating ginseng. Do you know what the other actions of the sugar cane except for increasing the body fluid and body energy? Do you know what the other cooking ways of the sugar cane except for... Read more>>
Food List for Nourishing the Internal Organs (I)
Addtime:2018-01-03 15:40:24 Hit:590
The food for nourishing the heart 1. Longan Longan can benefit the functions of heart and spleen, supplement qi and blood and soothe the nerves. People having heart palpitations with insufficiency of heart should always drink longan tea and longan po... Read more>>
Cancer Prevention for All Ages (I)
Addtime:2018-01-02 16:21:03 Hit:604
What kind of cancer do adolescent, youth, middle-aged, elderly should prevent? How to prevent? Practical advice from experts are as follows!   Adolescence (10-20 years old): Breast cancer should be prevented mainly   At present, more and more... Read more>>
The Kinds of Tea Good for Human Body in Winter
Addtime:2018-01-02 16:18:18 Hit:587
The Gouqi Berry Tea It can help to improve the body resistance, and to clear the internal heat of liver, to relieve the blurred eyesight. Gouqi berry has the actions of improving the body resistance to help people prevent from cold in winter. People also... Read more>>
Cereal, Meat, Fruits and Vegetables Are Used as Medicine; Talking Abou
Addtime:2017-12-29 10:18:46 Hit:623
Text / Prof. Shi Zhichao, Business Director of Dalian Sun-Good Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital   The Chinese nation has a theory of "medicine and food homology" since ancient times. One of the most famous and classic medical book Nei Jing proposed that medicine is to ... Read more>>
People Should Eat These Three Kinds of Nuts in Winter
Addtime:2017-12-28 15:11:02 Hit:602
1. Walnut: It can help people anti aging. Walnut contains rich amount of lecithin which has been found to have the healthcare effects for cerebral nerves, and children and adults with mental work should eat it more. Walnuts also contain several kinds of antioxidants... Read more>>
How Much Do You Know about Chinese Hawthorn?
Addtime:2017-12-28 15:06:57 Hit:604
Have you found many little red fruits appear when the winter comes? We are here in the season to eat Chinese hawthorn, which, most of us know, helps promote digestion. Well, it has many many nutrients and benefits. Let’s take a look at them!   Chinese hawth... Read more>>
Click it if Struggling with Cold Hands and Feet
Addtime:2017-12-27 16:06:52 Hit:605
Why do people feel cold hands and feet? According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, there are six reasons causing cold limbs. First, yang-qi has the function of warming body. If people have not sufficient yang-qi, their limbs cannot be warmed well. In addition, qi promotes the fl... Read more>>
Dialectics Thinking in TCM Treatment Before Sickness (A) ---- Introdu
Addtime:2017-12-23 09:20:42 Hit:630
Text / Professor Shi Zhichao, Business Director-General of Dalian Sun-Good Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Hospital   In 2010, there were 94 million diabetics in China; 3 million people died of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases each year; the ann... Read more>>
Herbs Using in Foot Bath
Addtime:2017-12-16 14:43:45 Hit:633
Foot bath can stimulate the acupoints on foot, reflex zones and meridians, enhance the body's immune system, so as to prevent the invasion of toxins to human body. Foot bath can also promote the body's blood circulation.   Foot Bath with Ginger Gi... Read more>>
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