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Not having dinner for a long time does harm to the body
Addtime:2014-07-01 09:27:12 Hit:1624
    Recently, there’s a post spreading on the Internet, “Do not have dinner and hunger can cure all disease”. The post said that having dinner is one of the reasons that we human being got sick. Maybe it’s a reason that many diseases have long treatment. That people get diabetes... Read more>>
Specialists in Sun-good Hospital advised that have foot soak in winter
Addtime:2014-07-01 09:22:30 Hit:1658
Hot foot soak is better than taking tonic     As the saying goes,” Have foot soak in spring and it can raise your Yang Qi, prevent your internal organs from drooping; Have foot soak in summer and it can dispel summer-heat and damp; Have foot soak in fall and it can moisten... Read more>>
Recommendations and Measures for Foreign Food Cancer Prevention
Addtime:2014-07-01 09:20:16 Hit:1623
Foreign research institutions have made many suggestions and measures on cancer prevention from the diet of for their own citizens, which are really worth to use for reference for Chinese people. But of course we should take them according to our actual situation only we have mastered the common ... Read more>>
The cure of retinal arteriosclerosis by Traditional Chinese Medicine
Addtime:2014-05-27 08:22:38 Hit:1646
The cure of retinal arteriosclerosis by Traditional Chinese Medicine Retinal arteriosclerosis is a simple physiological arteriosclerosis of agedness. Generally, people over 50 years old, have got senile arteriosclerosis more or less, which is no need to be worried and cured. It is un... Read more>>
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