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Doing These Things is Ruining Your Health
Addtime:2017-10-19 15:52:24 Hit:786
People who sleep late every night can accelerate aging speed. Sleeping very late every night can lead people’s face to look older than their actual ages. Some scientists have done a research that they let 30 women change the sleep hours from eight hours to s... Read more>>
The List of Beauty Porridge
Addtime:2017-10-19 15:51:04 Hit:706
Longan and Chinese Wolfberry Beauty Porridge Materials: Longan meat with 15 grams, the Chinese Wolfberry with 10 grams, 5 red dates, glutinous rice with 100 grams. Cooking way: People wash longan meat, the Chinese wolfberry, red date and glutinous rice c... Read more>>
Seven Kinds of Food That Are Suitable For People’s Food Supplement i
Addtime:2017-10-13 16:47:20 Hit:672
Pear From the Chinese medicine point of views, pear has the actions of moistening body dryness, relieving dry cough and stopping cough, clearing the internal heat of heart, reducing the alcohol effects and clearing toxins. Pear has cold nature, so the elder sh... Read more>>
Anti-Cancer Fruits
Addtime:2017-10-13 16:43:25 Hit:759
Experts from Sun-Good TCM pointed out five sets of fruit per day can reduce 20% risk of cancers. These suggested fruits include strawberry, orange, tangerines, lemon, grape, apple, kiwi fruit and grapefruit, etc. some of which contain t... Read more>>
Foods That Nourish The Stomach
Addtime:2017-10-13 16:20:41 Hit:737
Having a stomach that is sensitive to mainstream foods doesn’t have to keep you down. There are plenty of options out there to satisfy hunger pangs without sacrificing flavor, taste, and variety. Here are ten of the best foods for a sensitive stomach: 1. Yo... Read more>>
Ways to Protect Our Stomach
Addtime:2017-10-13 16:14:07 Hit:685
 Here are a few ways through which we can always protect our stomach: Dietary laws: It was found that a regular quantitative eating habit with small gaps in meals help the digestive gland secretion more conducive to digestion. It gives a conditioned reflex and ... Read more>>
Advice from doctors of 18 Departments of Hospital (II)
Addtime:2017-10-13 16:09:32 Hit:646
Doctor of orthopedics Department: Do not use soft sofa  When people sitting on soft sofa, because of lack of enough support, it is easily to get pelvic lean back, which, for a long term, causes lumbar muscle strain and hyperostosis, even induces lumbar dis... Read more>>
Advice from doctors of 18 Departments of Hospital (I)
Addtime:2017-09-29 16:28:13 Hit:719
We summarized advice of doctors from different departments of hospital. Take A Look At It If You Like! Doctor of Hematology Department: Do not dye your hair frequently Although according to the current study, can not yet confirm there is clear c... Read more>>
The Wrong Ways of Eating Sweet Potato
Addtime:2017-09-29 16:24:53 Hit:683
1. People eat sweet potato with empty stomach. People should not eat sweet potato with empty stomach because of its high amount of sugar, and it will lead to more amount of gastric ulcer and people will have heart burning feeling. It also contains oxidase which ... Read more>>
Always Feeling Weak and Sluggish? Have a Cup of Solomon’s Seal Tea!
Addtime:2017-09-27 15:50:14 Hit:806
Kidney deficiency symptoms? Kidney deficiency, one of the diseases of male friends. Occurrence kidney disease, often accompanied by Yaosuanbeiteng, sweating, and sexual ability decline and other symptoms, the desire for a healthy, strong self-esteem of male friends, kidney disease whether phy... Read more>>
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