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Introduction of Lotus Root
Addtime:2017-09-09 14:01:37 Hit:890
In autumn, it’s the best season for people to eat the lotus root with the best actions of maintaining people’s health.   The functions of the lotus root   It can help people decrease the blood sugar level, blood fat level and ben... Read more>>
Four Principles for People Having Body Exercise in Autumn
Addtime:2017-09-09 13:56:50 Hit:878
It’s turned to cool in autumn, and people like having body exercise outside. However, if they do not have enough preparation before doing sport, they will have some kinds of injuries, especially the shoulder, waist injuries. Some specialists suggest that people should do the health... Read more>>
Health Benefits of Sweet Potato
Addtime:2017-09-07 14:13:15 Hit:912
How sweet it is for your health to eat sweet potatoes! Not only do they taste like dessert, but they provide some surprising health benefits. Many people think about sweet potatoes as being nothing more than plain old potatoes that can tweak our taste buds with some extra flavor. Yet cutting-e... Read more>>
How to Cook Okra?
Addtime:2017-09-05 09:12:32 Hit:952
A mainstay of Southern cooking, okra was brought to the United States by Ethiopian slaves. The oblong green pods are often served fried or braised, and when added to soups and stews, such as gumbo, the veggie imparts a viscous juice that acts as a thickener. The pods have a mild taste tha... Read more>>
What Are the Benefits of Roasted Chestnuts?
Addtime:2017-09-05 09:10:19 Hit:917
Roasted chestnuts commonly spark thoughts of the holiday season and sitting by an open fire. These tree nuts are more than just the topic of song lyrics. Chestnuts are lower in fat than similar nuts such as pecans and walnuts -- good news if you have been advised by your doctor to wat... Read more>>
Eating Three Kinds of Vegetable to Relieve the body Deficiency in Autu
Addtime:2017-09-05 09:08:46 Hit:952
There is a saying inChinathat people still have the body deficiency although they don’t have any kinds of diseases after summer time. Most of people like eating cold food and cold beverage in the rooms with air conditioners to avoid the summer heat, but doing this way can harm on the functi... Read more>>
The Elder People Can Eat Three Kinds of Porridge to Relieve Arterioscl
Addtime:2017-09-05 09:07:33 Hit:910
The useful period of human body’s bone can be reached to 200 years, but the useful period of human body’s cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels can be reached to 75 years. So if people want to have longevity, the primary mission for them is to extend the useful time of arteri... Read more>>
Vegetable That Are Good for Eyes
Addtime:2017-09-05 09:04:59 Hit:972
People having dry eyes should eat shepherd's-purse. In China, the shepherd's-purse is always called the spring vegetable which grows in the fields, roadsides and courtyards. It has been found to have the actions of clearing the internal heat of human body and ... Read more>>
How to Choose the Right Cooking Oil
Addtime:2017-08-23 09:41:47 Hit:1002
If you  cook frequently then you've probably stared at the vast array of oils in the market and wondered which was best for the dish you're making and what the actual differences are between them. One of the most common cooking oils is vegetable oil, but do you ... Read more>>
The Healthy Life Routine and Habits for People
Addtime:2017-08-23 09:38:46 Hit:981
There are many kinds of medical researches show that the natural lifetime can be reached to over 100 years, but there are few people can have over 100 years old. There are five elements which are connected to the people’s health which are 15% of the parental in... Read more>>
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