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Director of Sun-good Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Mr.Xin Wang received Mr. Nicola Barker Rachelsky (the Mayor of Ohrid in republic of Macedonia )
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On November 28th of 2014, Mr.Xin Wang(who is the secretary-general of Central Asian Exchange Association between Dalian and Russia, and the director of Shengu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital) received Mr. Nicola Barker Rachelsky(the Mayor of Ohrid in republic of Macedonia)and Mrs. Goerdanna Kangya Lovanov to visit the hospital.

Mr. Nicola was not only a mayor, but also an excellent doctor. That time he visited Dalian with his staff. In addition, he was concentrated on visiting the Traditional Chinese Medicine under the situation of no visiting other large hospitals. So the Shengu Hospital as one of the China representative hospitals accepted this visit.

During the visiting process, Dr. Enyou Tao who is the Senior doctor of Shengu showed the Chinese medicine to Mr. Nicola. Mr. Nicola was interested in the TCM diagnose, as well as the function of through a series of methods such as watching, asking and smelling to achieve the accurate diagnosis.

Then, the Shengu Hospital as the host arranged all the foreign visitors to experience the Chinese massage. After a series of physical therapy, Mr. Nicola and Mrs. Goerdanna wrote an inscription to Shengu Hospital and were pleased with the result of the visit.