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Chinese traditional acupuncture treatment- a Russian woman’s dream of walking coming true in Sun-good TCM hospital
Addtime:2015-08-31 09:45:52 Hit:2631
       Katia is a 21- year-old woman from Russia. She is a cerebral palsy patient. She was diagnosed as suffering from the infantile cerebral palsy when she was just a few months old. Since then, her families never have given up the treatment for her illness. They have been to many famous hospitals and asked many excellent doctors around the world for her treatment for 20 years. She still can’t walk as the normal people although she can talk normally with other people, so she can only go to everywhere by a wheel chair. Liking the healthy people walking has become her dream.

      This year, from the introduction of her friends, she knew that Chinese acupuncture and massage can give great help to this kind of disease, so she really wanted to try it. Accompanied by her husband, she took with her wheelchair coming to Dalian Sun-good TCM hospital fromRussia. How can let Katia’s dream of walking normally like other people come true? The leaders of the Sun-good TCM hospital organized some specialists to have a meeting and they diagnosed that Katia had the cerebral palsy sequelae disease. The cerebral palsy sequelae means the little children’s cerebral dysplasia because of the preterm births, dystocia, stifling and suffocating, bleeding in the brain, kernicterus, high fever and other reasons, including the limb dysfunction, languages dysfunction, intelligence dysfunction, disability of hearing and other many aspects of dysfunction. Katia’s intelligence function and the ability of hearing has much obstructions because she was accepted the treatment for her languages timely, but it’s a pity that her limb function are nearly loss.


     After analyzing her disease, the doctors found that sometime Katia can leave the wheelchair with other people helping her, but her legs weren’t strong enough. Because she never had the Chinese medicine therapy and she also were lack of healthy direction and confidence, she sat in the wheelchair in so many years. The rate of possibility of her standing up and walking like the normal people would be increased if she accepted the comprehensible Chinese medicine therapy like acupuncture and massage, and some psychological instruction. So the Sun-good made a scientific and reasonable curing plan, and let a very experienced doctor, the acupuncture specialist to have Chinese medicine comprehensible therapy for her recovering.

      After a period of treatment, with the help and encouragement of her husband and the doctors, she stood up and walked her first step. She was very excited about it. She told the doctors and her husband that taking the acupuncture in China for 20 days was more than all the treatment in the last 20 years, and the acupuncture and the recovering treatment in Chinese medicine were awesome.

     She let her husband deal with the visa extension procedures and continued to have treatment. After one month, when she left, she changed the wheelchair into a cane. She said excitedly that she came to the hospital with the wheelchair, but she left with the cane, and the traditional Chinese medicine made her dream of standing up and walking for 20 years come true.