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Davorka’s Illnesses Have Been Improved a Lot in Sun-good
Addtime:2015-11-21 08:11:53 Hit:2530

   Davorka is 56 years old from Netherlands. She has Multiple Sclerosis for 16 years. When she came to Sun-good at first time, she always felt stomach inflation and hurt in her joints. The illnesses were very complicated and she didn’t find any reason in her country. The specialists in the Sun-good arranged the treatment methods for her. They decided to cure the stomach at first, then to cure the joint pains, finally to relieve the Multiple Sclerosis. After the examination by the specialists, they determined that she also has the chronic gastritis and osteoporosis, and asked her to take herbal soup and the acupuncture. The specialists thought that the most important was the problem in her stomach, because the healthy digestive system is the foundation to guarantee that the herbal soup for the more serious disease can be absorbed better. If a patient has good stomach, he or she can have better treatment effects after taking medicine. After a period of treatment, her stomach has been improved a lot and treatment effect is very obvious.