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2017 San-Jiu Plaster Activity in Sun-good TCM Hospital
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Dalian Sun-good Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital San-Jiu plaster has been carried out so far, having a large number of services. After a long period of development, the hospital has four characteristics of “Famous departments, noted doctors, precious medicine, valuable prescription”. Authentic plaster recipes and famous veteran doctors of TCM make sure the accuracy of acupuncture points positioning and the effect of treatment.


San-Jiu Plaster, a kind of natural moxibustion, starting from every winter solstice to San-Jiu, is extraordinary popular in China. After winter solstice, ancient Chinese preferred 9 days as a unit to count the days in winter, namely the first nine days (from Dec.22 to Dec.28); the second nine days (from Dec.29 to Jan.4); the third nine days (from  Jan.5 to Jan.11). And what’s more, the third unit of nine days is the coldest days of a year. According to Nei Jing, it is said that autumn and winter are suited to nourish yin. San-Jiu Plaster just applies it for the treatment and prevention of the diseases. Within the 27 days, clients altogether receive four times plaster.


Adaptation diseases:

1.      disease of respiratory system: chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pneumonectasis, chronic pharyngitis, anaphylactic rhinitis, rheumatism, hypoimmunity.

2.      digestive system disease: chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, chronic enteritis, chronic diarrhea.

3.      Dermatology: leucoderma, psoriasis, urticaria, seasonal allergic rhinitis, scleroderma, Behcet’s disease, neurodermatitis, pruritus cutanea.

4.      ENT: recurrent aphthae, trachitis, chronic rhinitis, nasosinusitis.

5.      Pediatric disease: infantile common cold, infantile asthma, infantile bronchitis.


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