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Chinese Herbal Cuisine Restaurant and Traditional Chinese Medicine Health & Tourism
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Dalian Sun-Good Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

 Dalian Sun-Good Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an advanced medical examination center, general TCM clinic and international rehabilitation center which features traditional Chinese and integrative medicine.

Sun-Good Hospital enjoys a global reputation for utilization of traditional Chinese medicine as a special medical treatment to cure countless intractable diseases. Both local residents, and those from around the world have experienced the attributes of Chinese medicine as a result of visiting the Sun-Good Hospital. The international market continues to expand as patients from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Japan, and several European countries come to receive rehabilitation therapies. Sun-Good hospital is known as the representative of both Dalian’s medical tourism and Chinese traditional medicine service attracting medical tourists from numerous locations in and outside of China.


 Sun Good is the only TCM hospital in Liaoning province recognized as “The First Vital Enterprise of TCM Service Trade” appraised by the Chinese State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The hospital has also been honored as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture and Publicity Education Center identified by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Likewise, the Dalian Tourist Administration and Dalian Tourist Association have jointly awarded Sun Good as the Dalian TCM Health & Tourism Demonstration Center. These recognitions of Dalian Sun-Good Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have been a significant boost in stimulating regional tourism and consumption while providing a unique opportunity of TCM medical tourism for international visitors.

Herbal Cuisine Center & Medicine Cabinets

 Sun-Good Chinese Herbal Cuisine Restaurant was founded in 2015 and clings to the philosophy of “health preservation & health care” through Traditional Chinese Medicinal formulas and medicinal cuisine. The host of nutrient-rich ingredients utilized, seeks to integrate scientific compatibility with harmonious health-preservation. It provides customers with nutritious foods using ingredients selected by veteran doctors. The cuisine can be customized according to personal preference while complying with Chinese homology of medicine & cuisine. The combinations of herbs and medicinal delicacies are derived through considering the preferences of the customer, while integrating ancient and modern time-proven recipes for longevity and optimum health.

In recent years, TCM Health & Tourism products have developed substantially. An exhibit of high-quality medicine and optimum health products is presented in the lobby, displaying a diversity of Chinese herbs and foods, herbal teas, health-optimizing powders and ointments. Herbal sachets, a favorite among our overseas visitors, are also available. Products like herbal sachets, honeyed walnuts, Pereira powder, and Zhongning wolfberry are also especially well received.



Sun-Good Chinese Herbal Cuisine Restaurant

 Under the supervision of TCM experts, and relying on professional chefs and translation team, Sun-Good Chinese Herbal Cuisine Restaurant is available for local and foreign friends to experience the rich TCM culinary culture.

The entire Sun-Good Chinese Herbal Cuisine Restaurant staff not only exercise great skill in preparing traditional Chinese medicinal cuisine using genuine Chinese herbal ingredients, but also takes Dalian’s superior quality seafood into account. Herbal cuisine is prepared with an array of dietetic therapies in mind. Some particularly favored dishes are Baked Abalone with Steamed Sundried Solomon’s Seal, Steamed Honeyed Chinese Yam, and Braised Magnolia Flower and Flounder.

Seven Pillars of Sun-Good Traditional Chinese Medicine Health & Tourism

(1)     Quality Aptitude & Support: Recognized by Dalian Tourist Administration and Dalian Tourist Association as TCM Health & Tourism Demonstration Center

(2)     Rich Experience: Long-term collaboration with domestic and overseas travel agencies; receiving upwards of 2000 foreign tourist arrivals per year

(3)     Superior Location: Situated in downtown Dalian, adjacent to starred hotels and commercial centers

(4)     High Accommodation Capacity: 10,000 visitors per year, tourist groups of 50 visitors per day

(5)     International Reception Team: An experienced multilingual (English, Russian, Japanese, Arabic) international reception team of 15 members, capable of hosting all levels of customers

(6)     Comprehensive Hospital Facilities: Chinese style interior design and decoration equipped with all necessary modern accommodations; superior TCM facilities and equipment to optimize health. Our facilities include:High-quality Herb Cabinets, Health-Optimization Counters, Chinese Herbal Cuisine Restaurant, Medicinal Bath, Beauty Salon, Health Examination Center, and Traditional Chinese Medicine collection, as well as inviting Conference, Waiting, Consultation, and Physiotherapy Rooms.

(7)     High Class Medical Service: Distinguished veteran TCM doctors from national, provincial and municipal levels. Our hospital boasts four of the nine distinguished veteran TCM doctors who enjoy national prestige in Dalian. Our professional Chinese message therapists, acupuncturists and physiotherapists, all possess in-depth knowledge as well as rich international medical experience.

TCM Health & Tourism Projects

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture

Our lobby offers a rich display of historical background and cultural heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The exhibit features Chinese herbal medicine display areas, a TCM cultural relic collection, and a Soviet Union cultural relic collection.

2. TCM Pulse Diagnosis

Visitors are invited to experience pulse-diagnosis by distinguished veteran TCM doctors.

3. TCM Physical Therapies

Visitors may experience TCM physical therapies, including massage, acupuncture, cupping therapy, medicated bath, moxa-moxibustion, medicinal paste, traction, scraping therapy, TCM cosmetology and TCM weight loss.

4. Chinese Herbal Cuisine

Experience the Sun-Good Chinese Herbal Cuisine Restaurant’s assortment of fresh herbal medicine and ingredients. The menu offers a harmonious combination of Traditional Chinese delicacies and herbal medicine, featuring innovative local herbal cuisine. Enjoy a wide variety of herbal cuisine including dishes, tea, wine and desserts. Detailed explanation of place of origin and positive health benefits derived from herbal cuisine is offered by our translation staff.

5. TCM Calisthenics and Physical Exercise

Demonstration and instruction of martial arts, Wu Qin Xi (Five-Animals Boxing), and other Physical Disciplines are offered by Sun-Good Chinese Health & Culture Training School staff

6. TCM Product Line

A wide variety of characteristic TCM products such as health-optimization powder, scented teas, medicinal liquor, and sachets are all for sale in the lobby.

International Tourism Reception

In recent years, Sun-Good TCM Hospital has initiated an international TCM health & tourism project, opening its doors to medical tourists from around the world. Our hospital has hosted public officials including President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, Vice Prime ministers Rokov, Rogozin, and Trutnev of Russia, Dmitry Mezentsev , Secretary General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Chairman of Italian Le Marche District, Director of Azerbaijan Presidential Office, First Chairman of Turkmenistan Governing Party. Likewise, Russian National Television, State Television Station of Ukraine, and State Television Station of Kazakhstan have interviewed Sun-Good Hospital of TCM, expanding the hospital’s reputation among “One Belt, One Road” countries.  


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