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Causes of Tiredness Analysis
Addtime:2018-02-06 09:21:27 Hit:909

No.1 Depression

Depression might be a general reason of tiredness


No.2 Lack of Exercise

Many people have gained such a wrong cognition that exercise causes tiredness. Actually the facts are just on the opposite. If one is lacking in exercise, his or her muscle would become weak and when needy to be used he or she feels tired.


No.3 Obesity  

Imagine everyday you need to carry over ten kilograms’ books, then you will realize why fatness causes people tired. Is not your extra flesh a heavy burden to you?


No.4 Inactivity of Thyroid

Inactivity of thyroid would slower the metabolism which causes tiredness.


No.5 Malnutrition

If your daily diets center on processed food, you might be feeling tired always. You might as well take in more fresh fruits and vegetables, fishes, chicken, cereals and beans.


No.6 Lack of Sleep

If your sleep time is less than seven hours, pay attention that it could weaken the ability of people to refresh. Nevertheless, sleeping over eight hours puts people in the doldrums as well.