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Understanding Sleep in View of TCM
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Speaking of health preservation, there is a Chinese saying: good living habits are more important than a doctor with many medicines. That means when one gets sick – in a state of imbalance of internal organs, healthcare products or medicines can help but the more important which is in domination is daily lifestyle such as sleep, diet, emotions and body exercises and other aspects. When one complies with the rule of nature and life, controls his diet, reduces staying up late and overwork, his internal organs will be in a good state and he might have a good mood so as to live a healthy, long and happy life.


The Importance of Sleep

Wen Zi, famous doctor in Warring States Period of ancient China, has ever said to King Wei of Qi: talking about health preservation, the first priority should be given to sleep for both human beings and animals. Growth of life and digestion of the spleen and stomach need be completed through sleep. Thus, sleep is the best nourishment. A sleepless night costs a hundred day-sleeps.


Another medical expert in Qing Dynasty, Doctor Li Yu, has pointed that the key of health preservation is a good sleep which gives people energy, nourishes spleen and benefits stomach, nourishes Qi, and strengthen muscles and bones.


Modern People’s Blind Spots for Sleep

The reasons of bad sleep habit development include the habit itself but mainly many misconceptions on sleep existing in the mind of most of us. For example, some people think it will be fine, provided the time is up to eight hours no matter at night or in the daytime. So these people stay up very late and then catch up on sleep in the daytime. That is very unhealthy even harmful. And some hold the idea that sleepless or hard to fall asleep is not a problem at all, instead, they take drugs. Some others have developed the habit of reading and writing at night. They say they feel good and insist quiet night offers a high efficiency.


When Go to Sleep Benefits most

The six hours from 21 p.m. to 3 a.m. is the most efficient sleeping time. It is suggested we had better go to bed around 9, not later than half past ten. According to Chinese lunar calendar and Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories, 21 p.m. to 23 p.m. belongs to Haishi when Hand young-sun Sanjiao Meridian is active. Sanjiao is related to all meridians and vessels. 23 p.m. to 1 a.m. belongs to Zishi when Foot Young-sun Gall Meridian. What is Young-sun? Young-sun means rising sun. that is to say, only if falling asleep before 23 p.m., the sun can rise rightly and actively so as to lift the spirit and have enough energy. Most of centenarians go to sleep at 9 p.m.


Haishi corresponds to pig in twelves animals and pig is just the best image spokesperson for sleep. Is it a coincidence? I want to say the match is not coincidence, and ancient people want to remind us this time is the best time for sleeping.


Five Tips to Hold a Good Sleep

1.     Don’t be too full at dinner

2.     Don’t be too active an hour before sleeping

3.     Don’t think too much before sleeping

4.    Using an alarm ringing at nine

5.     Keep window closed and suitable room temperature


When Get up at Morning Benefits Most

6 a.m. in winter and 5 a.m. in spring, summer and autumn.


Lung Meridian is active in Yinshi from 3 a.m. to 5 a.m. when people get up to extend lung-qi, which benefits lung-nourishment and complies with sun rising to raise yang-qi of human body so as to lift the spirit and prepare for the whole day.

From 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. is the time of Large Intestines Meridian. It is a good time to defecate. And from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. belongs to the stomach, so having breakfast is essential.


In addition, getting up early benefits working. There is a say in China: to get up early for three days equals to one working day. Moreover, modern medicine proves that those who go to sleep and get up early have less mental pressure and are less easy to suffer from mental diseases.