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Eight Benefits of Sunbath
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There is a Chinese proverb saying that spring is the season when the earth is quickened by rains and sunlight, all plants start to grow and all diseases rise. Do not worry about that, for sunbath in early spring removes toxins out of body. Now let me show you the eight benefits of sunbath.


1.    Prevent myopia (nearsightedness)

Researches show that sunlight promotes the generation of dopamine* with the function to restrain eye axis from lengthening so as to prevent the sight focus from going awry.

Therefore frequent sunbath and outdoor activities decrease the risk of nearsightedness, especially for those who use eye too much.


Dopamine: a monoamine neurotransmitter found in the brain and essential for the normal functioning of the central nervous system; as a drug (trade names Dopastat and Intropin) it is used to treat shock and hypotension.

2.    Healthier blood vessels

Researchers found that people with a low Vitamin D take more risks to suffer heart disease, heart failure and stroke. Sunbath helps the formation of Vitamin D so as to reduce body inflammation and good for blood vessels.

3.    Prolong life

A 26-year (1980-2006) research for 4.4 million Denmark citizens by Denmark scientists concluded that sunbath serves to prolong life.

4.    Lower the risk of cancer

A study of University of San Diego shows the women living in the low latitudes have less risks suffering ovarian cancer than those in the high latitudes, because the former get more sunbath.

5.    Increase hormone

The cheapest natural Viagra might be sunbath, pointed out by a study. The level of testosterone changes with that of Vitamin D. Both testosterone and Vitamin D decrease with the coming of the autumn and consistently go down till the next March. This is related to loss of sunshine. The study also found that one hour sunbath would increase testosterone by 69%.

6.    Less possibility of suffering depression

Study shows that adrenalin, thyroxin and gonadotropin secrete greatly     in full sunshine, which improves bad emotion like depression efficiently. Many people suffer from sleeplessness, chest depression and anxiety in winter or rainy or cloudy days. The loss of sunshine is one of main reasons of seasonal affective disorder depression (SAD).

7.    Boost immune function

In TCM there is a saying called Cai Ri Jing, that means collecting sunshine energy so as to enhance Yang Qi, by which the function of internal organs is supported and nourished. Therefore, sunbath can strengthen immune system to prevent diseases.

8.    Prevent cold

Frequent sunbath is helpful to lower the harm caused by flu and other common respiratory diseases through production of Vitamin D. Because a high level of Vitamin D prevents throat pain, common cold and nasal congestion, people living in the region with full sunshine suffer less from flu.