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Introduction to Dietary Therapy for Hawthorn
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As a fruit with the highest calcium content, hawthorn is not unfamiliar to us. It contains 52 mg of calcium per 100 g of flesh, thus especially suitable for the elderly and children. In addition, because it contains triterpenoids and flavonoids, it is also known as a "small expert" at lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that hawthorn tastes sweet and sour, slightly lukewarm, can help digestion and nourish stomach, promote qi and activate blood circulation, and stop diarrhea and blood pressure. Raw hawthorn also has the effect of eliminating body fat and reducing fat absorption. People who lose weight can eat more. The folks have skillfully used hawthorn together with other herbs to treat and relieve a variety of physical ailments, such as lowering blood pressure, promoting blood circulation, and relieving the soreness of waist and knees.

Hawthorn & Walnut: Relieves Waist Pain

Materials: Walnut 150 g, Hawthorn 50 g, Sugar 200 g.

Method: First, put walnut kernels in a bow and add some water, then  pulp by a juicer, and then add some more cool boiled water to dilute the juice. Second, remove the core of hawthorn and slice, then add 500 ml and boil for half an hour, then pour out the juice through the filter. Third, add water and boil again for some time, pour out the juice through the filter into another bow, then gather the two bows and boil again. Fourth, add sugar and mix, pour the walnut juice into juice of hawthorn when the sugar melts. Mix it as pour and then heat into micro-boiling.  

Usage: Twice a day. Morning and evening. Drink it when it is warm. 

Function: Hawthorn is sweet and sour in taste and warm in nature, not only good at digestion and helpful to dissipate stagnation, but also good at promoting blood circulation. Walnut is sweet is taste and warm in nature, which has been traditionally known as good nutrient. It has a good effect no matter for pharmaceutical use, or take in raw or cooking, and it is particularly suitable for the elderly who suffer from liver and kidney deficiency, soreness and weakness of waist and knees. 

This two herbal medicines are used together to invigorate kidney qi, activate blood circulation so as that the pain will be relieved. 

Hawthorn & Chrysanthemum: Dilate blood vessels and decrease blood pressure

Materials: Dry hawthorn 10 gram, dry Chrysanthemum 2.5 gram

Method: Clean both chrysanthemum and hawthorn by water. Put in hawthorn when water is boiling. Using strong fire heat first and when it is boiling turn into weak fire and then heat another ten minutes. Finally add some chrysanthemum and heat to boiling and then stop heating.  

Function: Chrysanthemum is anti-bacteria and anti-inflammation. It clears excessive internal heat and removes toxins from body. It also helps urination, stops pain and decreases blood pressure. While for hawthorn, it helps to remove fatty stuffs inside the blood vessels so as to decrease blood pressure. 

Hawthorn & Danshen (Chinese sage/Salvia miltiorrhiza): Decrease blood fat and lose weight

Materials: Raw hawthorn 15-30 gram, Chinese sage 30 gram, Jiaogulan 15 gram, liquorice 6 gram. 

Method: Decocted by water every day. Drink as tea.  

Function: Hawthorn is natural medicine to decrease blood fat. Modern studies show that it can reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride so as to prevent arteriosclerosis. It also helps to expand blood vessels, improve microcirculation and decrease blood pressure. Danshen, bitter in taste and slight cold in nature, belongs to blood-nourish and blood-activated medicine. It also serves as anticoagulant which can improve blood supply of heart and brain, reduce blood pressure, reduce blood lipid and reduce uric acid. Jiaogulan, sweet and bitter in taste and slight cold in nature, helps to regulate intestines and stomach and improve digestion.

Hawthorn & Sun-dried tangerine peel

Material: Hawthorn 15-30 gram, Sun-drid tangerine peel 12 gram, Fabanxia 12 gram, Fuling 15 gram, Muxiang 6 gram, Baishao 10 gram, Gancao (Chinese liquorice). 

Method: all materials together decocted by water. Drink at morning and at night warmly. 

Function: Hawthorn can eliminate the food accumulation and dissipate qi stasis; Chenpi (sun-dried tangerine peel) belongs to the spleen and lung meridians, can improve the spleen and stomach; Banxia can remove the damp from the body; Fuling and muxiang nourish spleen; Baishao nourishes blood and emolliates liver and relieve stomach pain. 

Notes: Avoid eating raw hawthorn and no eat with an empty belly. 

It should be noted that the combination of tannic acid contained in raw Hawthorn and stomach acid can easily form gastrolith. If the gastrolith can't be digested for a long time, it will cause gastric ulcer, stomach bleeding and even gastric perforation. Therefore, hawthorn can not be eaten on an empty stomach, and should try to avoid eating raw hawthorn, especially those with weak gastrointestinal function, it is best to cook the hawthorn after eating.