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Do you have alopecia? We have got folk prescription here
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1. 150ml vinegar, 200ml hot water, wash hair when it’s hot once a day. You will see the effects if you wash hair with it frequently.

2. 120g the root bark of white mulberry, decoct with water and remove slag. Wash hair with the water until it’s cured.

3. 50ml vinegar, 2 inks; put the inks into the vinegar and gringd into paste. Rub the affected region with this paste, three times per day.

4. 5g Ligusticum wallichii, 20g fleece-flower root, 30g walnut, pound them into pieces and decoct into soup. Drink it instead of tea.

5. 500g Raw sienna, pound it into smalls than screening. Take 3g before breakfast and supper. Take this medicine continuously for 3 months, and you’ll be cured. It’s mainly for treating hair loss in youth.

6. 30g fresh cacumen biotae, 15g frost mulberry leaves, 3g chinese azalea flower, 12g rhzizoma drynariae, 10g garden balsam stem, 3g saponin, grind them into powderand put the it into the jar. The powder should soak with 75% alcohol and the limit is that the alcohol covers the powder. Then, seal the bottle. After seven days, you can have it. When you have it, filter out part of the liquid with the gauze. Dip in the liquid with degreasing cotton and than rub the affected region, 3~4 times per day until it’s cured.

7. 30g polygonum multiflorum, raw platycladus orientalis, black sesame, esliptae herba, ligustrum lucidum ait, dried radix rehmanniae; 15g citrus, 9g capsicum Annuum, 13g halite, 3000ml water, put them all together and decoct until there is 1500ml liquid left. Take out the liquid and add 500g black soybean. Boil them until the liquid was absorbed by those black soybean. Then, dry these black soybeans and eat 60 black soybean, three times per day. You can stop eating until it is cured.

8. 33g gastrodin, fleece-flower root, radix rehmanniae preparata, white peony root, angelica sinensis, chinese quince, 50g semen cuscutae, 17g rhizoma chuanxiong, pound them into powder and make them into pills. Each pill weighs 10g. Eat one pill each morning and evening with warm water.

9. 30g ginger peel (drying), ginseng and grind into powder. Then cut a ginger and dip in the powder, rub the place where you have got hair loss every other day. This recipe is mainly used for hair loss caused by psychological factors.

10. 15g crude lateral root of aconite, fructus viticis, semen platycladi, grind them into powder and mix with silkie’s fat. Mash them, then put them into porcelain jar and seal it. After about 100 days, bring it out and apply this on the hair loss places. 3~5 days after, hair starts growing. This recipe is mainly used for hair loss caused by deficiency of blood and wind-dryness.

11. 15g raw astragalus propinquus, 12g radix codonopsis, 9g angelica sinensis and atractylodes macrocephala koidz, 6g fructus arctii, donkey-hide glue, poria cocos, fructus aurantii, cassia twig, 3g radix glycyrrhizae, decoct them with water twice and then mix up the solution. One dose per day and take it twice. 15 dose is a course of treatment.

12. Appropriate fresh willow branches, sesame stalk, spatholobus suberctu, decoct them with water. Wash your hair with the liquid every morning and evening. The solution can be left and then pour it into the dregs of a decoction  for another decoction.

13. 9g folium artemisiae argyi, chrysanthemums, saposhnicovia divaricata, mint, ligusticum sinense oliver, rhizoma nardostachyos, agastache rugosa, fructus viticis, schizonepetaspike, decoct them with water. Then, fume and wash the affected part with the solution for once a day. Use it continuously for 2~3 days. Afterwards, you can repeat fuming and washing it every half a month.

14. 30g dried radix rehmanniae and polygonum multiflorum, 50g black sesame stalk and fresh willow branches. Decoct with water, fume and wash the affected parts while it ‘s hot. After the wash is done, cover the affected parts with a dry towel. Once dose per day, wash your head three other day, 5 dose is a course of treatment.


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