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Specialists in Sun-good Hospital: It is osteoporosis that makes fracture easily happen for the old. While spring is the right time for calcium supplem
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"Why do old people is too easy to broke their bones?" Perhaps it is the same question for most aging people. Sun Rilin, specialist of orthopedics Department, says that it is all because of osteoporosis that makes this happen. Osteoporosis is a kind of disease that is doig harm to the whole world and affecting the quality of elder people's life. It is characterized by losing bones and degeneration of bones microstructure. Therefore, it is a systemic skeletal disease which makes facture easy to happen.

The specialist of Sun-good Hospital Sun Rilin says," With the aging of population in recent years, osteopporosis has been a serious public health problem. Women more than 50 years old and men more than 60 years old are have high risk of getting osteoporosis.

    Seriously lacking of female hormone is the main reason of osteoporosis. It can be devided into two kinds, including primary osteoporosis and secondary osteoporosis. Primary osteoporosis includes women menopause, endocrine disorders, nutritional factors, disuse factors, genetic factors, ethnic factors, such as smoking and excessive drinking. While secondary osteoporosis consists of kidney disease, diabetes, chronic gastroenteritis, chronic liver, thyroid metabolism, Cushing syndrome, menopause or ovariectomy and so on.  

In clinical,  osteoporosis is characterized by kyphosis, loss of height, limp back pain, limb or even the whole body pain, weakness, not discreet, limited mobility; particularly fond of sweating, diarrhea, cramps and easy, prone to fractures and other performance.

    Orthopedics specialist in Sun-good Sun Rilin says that treating osteoporosis requires triology.


First step: calcium supplement in spring and bask in the sun.

Spring is the best time for calcium supplement. For spring comes after the winter, the elder have little out-door activity in winter, receiving the sunlight UV irradiation is obviously not enough and only depend on intaking our body's own calcium is difficult to meet our body's need. Besides, the elder 's metabolism becomes slow and digestive function weakens. So they need an increasing calcium requirements. Middled-aged people lost osteocalcin gradually. Women aged over 65 years old may lost 35%~50% of their osteocalcin while men may lost 30%~36%. Then, after lacking of calcium, the metabolic disorder of calcium that have comes subsequently is one of the main reason causing osteoporosis. Sun Rilin introduces that the sun can promote the absorption of calcium fully. Thus, the old have better go out to have some activities and bask in the sun. Spring sunlight is not very strong. In order to let the sun shine on you from your head to your feet, it will be better to not wear hats. Also, old people who suffer from "the old cold legs" should go out often to get rid of "the cold legs". For it not only can alleviate the leg cramps effectively, but also can accelerate the absorption of calcium of legs to let the legs have stronger bones and have a good prevention of osteoporosis.


Second step: medicine and food for the supplement of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Without it, human can not absorb and utilize calcium. Normally, people need about 400 international units of vitamin D, which is equal to 100ml of milk, a multidimensional pill or sun bath of 30 to 60 minutes per week. But, overdose of vitamin D will do harm to our bodies. After vitamin D getting into the liver and a series of enzyme catalyzed reactions, it generates 1,25 (OH2) D active metabolites involved in bone metabolism. Rocalirol, also named as calcitriol, is one of the active metabolite of vitamin D. It not only can  promote intestinal calcium absorption, increase urinary calcium of distal convoluted renal tubular absorption, but also can active the osteoclasts for the  bone resorption and active the osteoblast for the bone formation.


Third step: supplement of estrogen. After menopause, level of estrogen declines,  which results in bone loss and the bone begins to become brittle. Estrogen replacement therapy can prevent osteoporosis, reducing the fracture rate and menopausal symptoms, such as flushing, vaginal secretion reduced, irritability, insomnia and sweating, lower the level of blood cholesterol, so as to reduce the incidence of heart disease. Estrogen replacement can be oral,  injection or subcutaneous embedding method.  Estrogen replacement therapy can cause breast tenderness and fluid retention. Some wemen have  menstruation again, but cannot be pregnant. Some people worry about estrogen carcinogenesis, but if use progesterone in the treatment simultaneously, it can reduce the risk of cancer. For those people who already have osteoporosis, using calcitonin, two phosphate, sodium fluoridecan rapidly relieve pain and relieve the illness but it must be used under the doctor's guidance. In addition, people who have fracture must have more  surgical treatment to prevent complications.

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Sun Rilin

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神谷专家: 老人易骨折大部分是骨质疏松惹的祸,春天补钙正当时







“春季是补钙的黄金季节。因为冬春季节相连,冬季里老人们户外活动一般都比较少,接受阳光紫外线照射明显不足,单纯靠体内摄入的钙难以满足身体的需要。加上老年人新陈代谢逐渐变缓,消化功能减弱,钙的需要量也相对增加。人过中年,骨钙就逐渐丢失,65岁以后女性可能丢失骨钙的35—50%,男性丢失30—36%。缺钙和随之产生的是钙的代谢紊乱,是造成骨质疏松的主要原因之一。孙日林介绍说,晒太阳能充分促进钙质的吸收。因此,建议老人们多外出活动晒太阳。春天阳光并没有那么强烈,外出晒太阳时最好不要戴帽子,让太阳充分的从头照到脚。 另外,患“老寒腿”的老人也应常出来晒晒,驱除双腿的寒气,不仅能有效缓解小腿抽筋,而且还能加速腿部钙质的吸收,让双腿骨骼更健壮,很好地预防骨质疏松的发生。