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Expert Liu Xiaojia of Sun-good Hospital treating Ankylosing spondylitis
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Ankylosing spondylitis is actually a very old disease. Thousands of years ago, evidence of ankylosing spondylitis was found on  ancient Egyptians bones. Dating back before 2000, the Greek physician Hippocrates described a disease, the sick have sacral spine, cervical portion of the pain.

Clinical manifestations: Ankylosing spondylitis is common in young people aged 16 to 30, more common in men. People after age 40, first onset is rare, about 3.3%. This disease has insidious onset, slow progress and mild systemic symptoms. In the early time, patients will have lower back pain and stiffness after getting up but will relieve after doing some exercises, and can be accompanied by fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss and other symptoms. At the beginning, it’s intermittent pain but after a few months or a few years, it will become durative. After the inflammatory pain disappears, part of or whole spine will become tonic from the bottom to the top and kyphosis appears. That female patients’ surrounding joints are affected is common. They have slow progress, spinal deformity lighter.

TCM Commentary: Ankylosing spondylitis belongs to Chinese medicine, "kidney Bi", "paralysis" "Gubi", "Du disease." The causes are basically "kidney Governor empty", "feelings of evils", "congestion block meridian ---- Du". Gubi first appeared in the Huangdi Neijing and is one of the "five body paralysis."  "Q - cavitation theory" says that  "plot stay cold homes, Rong Wei is not home, volume shrinkage of meat ribs, rib elbow extension shall, within bone weakness, outside of heartless, Ming Yue insufficient". To put it simply, it’s caused by dampness outside attacking, steeped in hot and humid, bruises, blood stasis, blood runs sluggish, or Congenital deficiency, kidney essence deficiency, bone, veins dystrophy.

Causes of disease are as follows:

1.Rheumatoid pathogenic cold outside attack: because of living in the wet land, or rain wading, labor sweat when the wind, wet clothing, or climatic upheaval, alternation of cooling and heating is the reason that rheumatoid cold invade people’s bodies and note the meridian, stay in the joints, blood blockage cause the disease.

2. Steeped in hot and humid: do the right thing in hot and humid summer. Dampness and heating alternate or dampness simmers for a long time. Then they will become dampness because accumulate and cannot let it off. That the dampness affects meridians, block blood and bones  dystrophy cause this disease.

3. Extravasated blood stasis: caused by people fall down and get hurt, damage their back and waist, extravasated blood appears and block the meridians. Then, people’s blood will go sluggish and bones dystrophy.

4. Kidney essence deficiency: Congenital deficiency combined with too tired, being ill for a long time and infirmity, being old and feeble, too much sex which cause loss of kidney essence and bones dystrophy cause this disease.

Onset of the disease is throughout the year. Young males are more than anyone else for the central joint is affected. While female youth are more for surrounding joints are affected. According to a comprehensive analysis of the records Gubi ancient and modern clinical,  lesion location of  Gubi is at the  foot Shao, full sun, Du or other meridians, from the back to the hip and knee. We won’t know the time of the onset. It had a long duration and sometimes has acute attack.  Back, rump, hip, hip stiffness, sit inconvenience, pain, dull pain, tingling are its symptoms. When it comes to acute onset, there will be severe pain.  Described as "low back pain, such as fold"; loins Tajiri even neck pain, shoulder, under the lead hip, femoral, knee, Achilles tendon and so on. Acute activity with fever, cold outside heat, dry tongue and throat, pain in the knee red hot amidships. Even effusion. Shoulder, waist Tajiri, fear of cold feet fear the wind, heat or motion to ease the pain and other symptoms.

Treatment: Because the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis cause is unknown and we don’t know ways to cure the disease or there’s no effective therapy to prevent the progression of the disease. Fortunately, many patients whose sacroiliitis got heavier that reach the level of Ⅱ or Ⅲ no longer get heavier than before, only a few people got complete ankylosis.

The purpose of ankylosing spondylitis treatment is to control inflammation, reduce or relieve symptoms, maintain normal posture and the position of the best features to prevent deformities. To achieve the above objective, the key is early diagnosis and early treatment, take comprehensive measures for treatment, including patient and family education, physical therapy, physical therapy, medication and surgical treatment.

(1)Treatment of the disease should start from educating patients and their families. They should know the nature of the disease, rough course,  as well as measures that may be used for future prognosis, in order to enhance disease confidence and patience to gain their understanding and close cooperation.

(2) Patients should pay attention to maintaining daily life posture and activity, such as walking, do not hunchback whether you’re sitting or walking, sleep without pillows or with a thin pillow and sleep on a hard bed in a supine or prone position, lie on your stomach  for half an hour every morning and evening prone ; participate in some activities that you can do and some sports, pay attention to the posture when you’re working to prevent curvature of the spine malformations..

(3) Keep optimistic, relieve stress, anxiety, depression and psychological fear; quit alcohol; time and rest, attend medical physical exercise..

(4) Have a knowledge of drug effects and side effects, and learn self-adjust the dose and treatment side effects of drugs to facilitate with the treatment, achieve better results.

2. Physical therapy

Physical therapy is good for all kinds of chronic diseases,especially more important for ankylosing spondylitis. It can maintain physiological curvature of the spine, prevent it from being deformity, remain thoracic activity, maintain normal respiratory function; maintain bone density and strength, prevent osteoporosis and limb disuse muscle atrophy, specifically for the following motion.

(1). Having a deep breath: Have deep breathing exercise every morning, work breaks and at bedtime and it should be routine. Thoracic breathing can maintain maximum activity, maintain good respiratory function.

(2) Cervical motion: Head and neck can make forward, backward, left, right turn, and rotational movement of the head,  in order to maintain the normal activity of the cervical spine.

(3) Lumbar motion: Do daily exercise for the waist, flexion, back, left and right lateral bending and rotation of the body, so that the lumbar spine to maintain normal activity.

(4)Limb movement: Patients can do push-ups, bracing, after lower limb flexion, extension, chest movement and swimming.Swimming conducive limb movement, and help to increase lung function and the spine to maintain lordosis, and it’s the most appropriate movement for AS.

Patients can take exercises according to individual circumstances to decide appropriate mode of motion and time. At the beginning of the movement, it may occur pain or discomfort, but after a short rest after exercise can be restored. If pain persists for more than 2h new can not be restored, it indicates that excessive exercise, should decrease the amount of exercise or adjust the movement.

3. Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy generally take hyperthermia treatment as a measure, such as hot water bath, water bath or shower, mineral spa bath, in order to increase local blood circulation, relax muscles, relieve pain, help joint mobility, maintain normal function and prevent deformities.

Food conditioning

Internal factor of ankylosing spondylitis is renal vein Du deficiency, the external factor is coldness. Diet therapy can be taken as a measure.

(1)Spicy food: They can antirheumatic dispelling evil, such as pepper, onion, pepper, aniseed, fennel, garlic has antiseptic, antiviral and other effects, can prevent intestinal infections and viral infections. In winter, patients should have ginger soup appropriately to get rid of coldness in the stomach.

(2) Beans: Soybeans, black beans, soybeans, etc., are rich in vegetable protein and trace elements, can promote muscles, bones, joints, tendons metabolism, help repair lesions role. Can be treated with wet weight based rheumatism, heavy body, joints unfavorable, tendons Spasm or apathetic, joint pain and rheumatism heavy with discomfort better. Black beans treat rheumatic pain, semi-coke fry with black beans add rice wine, effective treatment of joint pain, gastritis caution.

(3) Seed food: Chestnuts have effects of reinforcing kidney, strengthening tendons and bones. And it also has effect on  muscles, meridians, rheumatism, lassitude weakness. Ankylosing spondylitis is caused due to the deficiency of the bones, muscle and joint lesions. It can eaten as raw or cooked. If take it for a long time, it must can strength tendons and bones, reinforce kidney. Mash up chestnut and put it on the injured area so that it can cure sore muscles ; Mash up the fresh chestnut leaves for external application, it can reduce the muscles, joints, skin inflammation.

(4) 500g Fresh shrimp and Wine

Way of doing: Wash the shrimp and soak in wine for 15min, then pick them up and steam in a container, and eat by several times. Wine and shrimp can be eaten at the same time.

Effects: Impotence and Relief of swelling and pain

Ome has effects on engendering liquid and allay thirst,  gyppy tummy and is beneficial for  patients with diarrhea. Patients who have  rheumatism, back pain, joint pain can rub the affected area with plum, which can relieve pain and blood.

Ebony is the dry or immature seed of  plum, which has effect on rheumatism. Mulberry Yin and blood, cherries also can cure rheumatism.