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Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), as a culture, belongs not to medical science in a general sense.


Western medicine, as the representative of modern medicine, views the human body as a group of anatomical organs, separating the disease from the patient's life. Thus in the course of treatment, instruments examination and drugs play a predominant role, while objective conditions determine everything, pushing mankind at the secondary status. In view of TCM, disease will never be local and TCM doctor always give priority to patient itself as subject rather than treatment methods and herbs-choice, mainly determined by the formation and concept of Chinese medicine.


From the perspective of TCM, human beings are natural products, but also the extension and essence of nature, so man and nature obey the same law-Tao (Ultimate Truth or Law). Tao of man lives on Tao of heaven (Natural Law) while Tao of heaven serves Tao of man. That comes to unique TCM holism and syndrome differentiation and treatment.


People have tried to classify TCM into certain subject according to taxonomy and got troubled. Because TCM cures the human beings instead of the disease. Nevertheless the humans are complex, between natural science, social science and philosophy: both material and spiritual; both local and holistic; both human and natural, and therefore need to be considered comprehensively and dialectically.


The disease, in TCM doctor’s view, is not lesions of certain organ tissue, but imbalance of patient’s overall mechanism. As a result, the doctor of TCM cure disease through regulating human body condition as a whole rather than struggling against disease. For example, human emotions have a subtle and profound impact on body health, which is hard to be explained by western medicine but has been proved gradually by increasingly more cases.  


I myself have ever engaged in natural therapy abroad and found a phenomenon that increasingly more locals questioned the concept and therapy of western medicine-treating only where the pain is, while the TCM concept of holism and treatment based on syndrome differentiation surprised westerners, specifically, treat foot to cure headache, nourish liver to relieve eye diseases and invigorate spleen to cure kidney deficiency. Therefore, more and more of them would like to give a try to receive TCM treatment and thus have seen unexpectedly great effects.


The universe is a system, and human beings, as a part of the universe, should naturally be treated systematically likewise. No matter how advanced Technology and equipments are, they can hardly solve problems with human factors. Through microscope can we observe the bacteria but cannot analyze one’s inner world such as emotion and feelings.


Thus, in a general sense, TCM is not a pure medicine subject, instead, a systematic diagnosis and treatment based on natural concept and human body condition.  

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